Shadow Government: The Book

Shadow Government:

What Obama Doesn’t Want You
To Know About His Czars

by Scott Wheeler and Peter Leitner

The book that rocked the Obama Administration, instantly made national news and led to Congressional inquiries, resignations and forced Obama into cover up mode…IS BACK with more potent hard-hitting facts that Obama hopes you won’t see.

The Final Updated Copy of Shadow Government: What Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About His Czars, a detailed, no holds barred dossier on all 43 of Obama’s handpicked Czars.

  • Nine new chapters covering the czars appointed after the advance copy was released
  • Updates on new Czar resignations (Jones, Kashkari, DeParle) and attempted resignations (Mitchell)
  • New Congressional calls for hearings, investigations and resignations
  • Hundreds of new, shocking details illustrating even more radical ties and hidden agendas

Watch Scott Wheeler discussing Obama’s czars on Fox & Friends and in the process defeating Obama’s apologist.

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