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In a world where real Investigative Journalism is an anachronism, Scott Wheeler and his team of investigators have been digging deep undercover, bringing to light some of the biggest news stories of the last 15 years.  Each week Special Investigator takes listeners on an exclusive trip inside multiple investigations, providing the audience with actionable knowledge, field intelligence and the sting of real evidence.

This is what TEA Party Radio sounds like!


Unlike other programs, the news coming out of Special Investigator each week is first hand, exclusive evidence and information not found on other news and talks shows in any medium.  Wheeler’s team of sleuths has developed an international intelligence network that has outperformed the intelligence agencies of many countries.

Among his investigative breakthroughs, Wheeler has worked undercover to reveal:  the internal operations of Hamas within the United States, leading to several suspects named in the reports to be arrested; and a weapons of mass destruction pipeline run out of the Middle East, as he posed undercover as an arms-dealer in 1998 and 1999.

During the Clinton Administration, Wheeler worked inside China and investigated the China/DNC fundraising scandal, with many of his reports used in criminal prosecutions, congressional investigations and hearings.   His penetrating documentary “Trading with the Enemy; How the Clinton Administration Armed China lead even the most stalwart Democrats to acknowledge that President Clinton had decontrolled dangerous military technology to communist China while receiving illegal donations.  Continuing in his effort to reveal China’s threat to the United States, in 2003 Wheeler’s reportage led to the exposure of a foreign agent from China operating inside the U.S. posing as a college student.

Today, Wheeler’s investigations include: Wide Spread Voter Fraud; China’s Rare Earth Metals Monopoly and its effect on our Defense technology; Fringe Groups Receiving Stimulus Money; Global Warming Lies; and George Soros’ network of control over the American economic and political systems.

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We are busy working on investigations on vote fraud, global warming lies, technology sold to China, union abuse and much more.  Please stay tuned, and get ready for a shock.  If you can help us with these ongoing investigations I would really appreciate it.

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Growing Station List

The first Special Investigator show was launched nationwide on Saturday, March on 30 Radio Stations including 1580 AM in the Washington, DC market.  Special Investigator is currently broadcast in 18 states and this list is growing daily.

1 KSRM AM  920 kHz Kenai AK   Sa 7 pm-8 pm
2 WEBJ AM 1240 kHz Brewton AL   Sa 10 pm-11 pm
3 KBJT AM 1590 kHz Fordyce AR   Sa 10 pm-11 pm
4 KFPW AM 1230 kHz Ft. Smith AR Ft. Smith, AR Sa 10 pm-11 pm
5 KJMT FM  97.1 MHz Mountain Home AR   Sa 11 pm-11 pm
6 KLCN AM  910 kHz Blytheville AR Memphis, TN Sa 10 pm-11 pm
7 KZNG AM 1340 kHz Hot Springs National Park AR Hot Springs, AR Sa 10 pm-11 pm
8 KBSZ AM 1260 kHz Scottsdale AZ Phoenix, AZ Sa 10 pm-11 pm
9 KNTR AM  980 kHz Lake Havasu City AZ   Sa 9 pm-10 pm
10 KOSS AM 1380 kHz Palmdale CA Los Angeles, CA Sa 8 pm-9 pm
11 WCCF AM 1580 kHz Punta Gorda FL   Sa 11 pm-11 pm
12 WEBY AM 1330 kHz Milton FL Pensacola, FL Sa 10 pm-11 pm
13 WJTK FM  96.5 MHz Lake City FL   Sa 11 pm-11 pm
14 WCAZ AM  990 kHz Carthage IL   Sa 10 pm-11 pm
15 WJBM AM 1480 kHz Jerseyville IL St. Louis, MO Sa 10 pm-11 pm
16 WZOE AM 1490 kHz Princeton IL LaSalle-Peru, IL Sa 10 pm-11 pm
17 KEUN AM 1490 kHz Eunice LA Lafayette, LA Sa 10 pm-11 pm
18 WARK AM 1490 kHz Hagerstown MD Hagerstown-Chambersburg-Waynesboro, MD-PA Sa 11 pm-11 pm
19 WHFS AM 1580 kHz Lanham MD Washington, DC Sa 11 pm-11 pm
20 WATT AM 1240 kHz Cadillac MI   Sa 11 pm-11 pm
21 WBCH AM 1220 kHz Hastings MI   Sa 11 pm-11 pm
22 WHTC AM 1450 kHz Holland MI Grand Rapids, MI Sa 11 pm-11 pm
23 WMKT AM 1270 kHz Petoskey MI Traverse City-Petoskey, MI Sa 11 pm-11 pm
24 WBEX AM 1490 kHz Chillicothe OH   Sa 10 pm-11 pm
25 WELW AM 1330 kHz Willoughby OH Cleveland, OH Sa 11 pm-11 pm
26 KKOV AM 1550 kHz Portland OR Portland, OR Su 7 pm-8 pm
27 WLMA AM 1350 kHz Greenwood SC   Sa 11 pm-11 pm
28 WJCW AM  910 kHz Gray TN Johnson City-Kingsport-Bristol, TN-VA Sa 11 pm-11 pm
29 WJZM AM 1400 kHz Clarksville TN   Sa 10 pm-11 pm
30 WNWS FM 101.5 MHz Jackson TN Jackson, TN Sa 11 pm-11 pm
31 WZNG AM 1400 kHz Shelbyville TN   Sa 11 pm-11 pm
32 WOGO AM  680 kHz Chippewa Falls WI Eau Claire, WI Sa 10 pm-11 pm