Polling Company Gets Federal Contract, Produces Flawed Analysis Of Obama Political Health

The Media Accountability ProjectNational Investigative Media has uncovered an unusual financial relationship between the newswire service, Associated Press, and the federal government – and evidence that that relationship may have influenced the AP’s reporting on the Obama administration.

NIM first uncovered the financial relationship after a May 11, AP report that promoted the idea that President Obama’s re-election was a foregone conclusion based on a poll conducted by its partner firm GfK. NIM discovered that in March, GfK had announced that it had received clearance for federal government contracts to do marketing and research for US government agencies.  Closer examination by NIM revealed that the May 11th AP report based its conclusions on a severely flawed polling model that provided a significant advantage to President Obama in calculating his favorability ratings on a number of issues from national security to the economy.

The flawed polling data influenced other media including ABC NewsTimeThe Washington Post and Yahoo News which ran the AP’s reportage without scrutiny. Read more »

America Taking Back the Media

Taking Back the Media

Our nation is headed toward becoming a banana republic and the media is so corrupt it refuses to say a word. We are going to turn this thing around: instead of the media pursuing us, we are going to pursue them! Please read the boldest idea for dealing with the liberal media so far! Read more »

AP uses political stunt to promote Barack Obama’s re-election

The Hack Report

The AP changes its name to All Propaganda
– Ready to call 2012 election early –

On May 11, the Associated Press lost the last shred of credibility they had left by running the worst propaganda campaign of the year. They released and reported a national poll they conducted with GfK Roper Public Affairs. The AP used this political stunt to all but declare Barack Obama’s re-election as a mere formality.

It was no surprise to see other so-called news sources like ABC News, Time, The Washington Post and Yahoo News among others eagerly spouting the favorable poll numbers from this fake poll without question.

GfK proudly states that the poll sample of 1,001 adults used to conduct this survey consisted of 46% Democrats and only 29% Republicans.

This absurd “random” sample would immediately disqualify the results for any reputable polling firm and from any responsible news agency. Obviously accuracy was never the objective here. Read more »

New Documentary Exposes Unions

Conservatives secured a great victory earlier this month by taking on the out-of-control public sector unions in Wisconsin.  This was just beginning as a liberal judge has blocked the legislation from being implemented.

At least 18 other states are currently considering similar legislation in an effort to rein in bloated spending, unsustainable public union contracts and massive budget shortfalls.

National Investigative Media is busy producing a 30 MINUTE DOCUMENTARY that will expose public sector union waste and abuse and show America that there is no “right” to collective bargaining.

We are boiling down hours of video footage showing union violence and union leaders talking about their power and political influence over the very government officials who determine their wages and benefits.

These are videos the American public needs to see.  We will bring the truth to all Americans!

Documentary trailer or Sneak Peek


Help us get this film on the air!

The Public vs. Private Sector Civil War

By DEAN ZARRAS on Forbes Blog

Obama and Trumka

US President Barack Obama shakes hands with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka

The inevitable battle between the runaway public sector and the private sector that funds it has begun.  What started recently in Wisconsin will continue to spread across the country as the unworkable fiscal mathematics that are so many state budgets finally degenerate into social unrest between the payers and the payees. More specifically, the instigators of this mess, the public sector union managements and their progressive political operatives, will struggle against their most existential threat to date.  It will not be pretty. Read more »

Interview with Wisconsin State Assemblyman Jim Ott: Battle on the Unions

Wisconsin State Assemblyman Jim Ott

Wisconsin State Assemblyman Jim Ott

Scott Wheeler Interview with Wisconsin State Assemblyman Jim Ott on the battle with public sector unions. (This interview will air nationwide this Saturday on Special Investigator with Scott Wheeler  Click Here to See Listings)

Wheeler: For nearly a month the Madison, the capitol of Wisconsin has been the site of public sector union protests for what they claim are “union busting” measures against what government employees their collective bargaining “rights.” Special Investigator caught up with Republican Wisconsin State Assemblyman Jim Ott.

Assemblyman Ott: Certainly the public sector unions have done a very effective job I think in marketing this as its taking away from employees’ rights- which is not exactly what is happening. First of all, collective bargaining is not a right it’s not in the constitution….. It’s a privilege granted by the legislature. Read more »

One Nation Under Islam

One Nation Under Islam PyramidThe Obama administration’s handling of Egypt reveals a level of incompetence that renders the U.S. – and the entire world – a more dangerous place. In the early days of the protests in Egypt, the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood stayed on the sidelines. This was out of fear that Mubarak would come for them, and well he should have considering the Brotherhood has tried to assassinate him in the past. The moment Obama turned on Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood officially joined the protests and began organizing the opposition.
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Obama Allies Organizing Terrorists

Thursday, February 3, 2010
By Scott Wheeler

What does the US Department of Justice have in common with the radical Muslim Brotherhood? It turns out a close associate of our Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez will soon be advising this fundamentalist group on how to takeover and run Egypt, further destabilizing this critical arena. The Executive Director of Perez’s former organization is planning on teaming up with the Muslim Brotherhood in the overthrow of the Egyptian government. To the point, Thomas Perez was president of Casa de Maryland, a group known to advocate for illegal alien rights, just prior to joining the DOJ. The group’s current Executive Director, Gustav Torres, is also on the board of directors of an extremist group called The Organizers Forum. Read more »