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The Latest Outrage from ABC

Wednesday, April 11 on World News Tonight, we saw ABC resort to outright propaganda. Anchor Diane Sawyer lead into a package promoting Obama’s lies about millionaires paying a lower income tax rate than someone who earns less. “The President appeared in a picture surrounded by secretaries who pay a higher tax rate than their millionaire […]

Media Accountability Project

Our nation is in great peril and those who threaten our freedom- liberals progressives and leftists-are being enabled by the so-called “mainstream media.”  Indeed the media not only enables the left, they are part of the left-wing extremists that have been destroying the republic for years. Despite the left –wing dominance of the media these […]

Associated or Apparatchik Press

The Associated Press is rigging polls again and is not disclosing the startling fact that its polling firm, GFK, has been granted federal government contracts since Obama has been in office. The news may not surprise the many skeptics of the liberal media because they have come to expect this sort of bias from mainstream […]

Obama’s Assault on Logic

A new poll and Obama’s recent statements leave a huge opening for Republicans to expand a debate that is long overdue, and place President Obama’s governing philosophy under scrutiny and expose its illogical conclusions. The Gallup poll, released Monday, reported that 64 percent of respondents considered big government the biggest threat to the nation, with […]

Who is afraid of a Do-Nothing Congress?

Is President Obama painting himself into a corner by expecting a bad economy when voters go to the polls next November? His campaign team has announced, in the New York Times, that next year their campaign strategy is to go negative. Obama’s strategists have warned that they intend to say that, whoever the Republican nominee […]

Nightly News Bias Report

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer September 20, 2011 ABC News Tries to Portray Gov. Rick Perry as a Political Opportunist In a report last night on the Palestinian Authority requesting recognition by the United Nations, ABC news anchor Diane Sawyer and reporter Jake Tapper attempted to make President Obama appear as a leader in […]

Scott Wheeler on Backbone Radio: AP, GfK Polling, and the Government

Scott Wheeler on Backbone Radio discussing the corrupt relationship between AP, GfK polling, and the federal government. 

Polling Company Gets Federal Contract, Produces Flawed Analysis Of Obama Political Health

National Investigative Media has uncovered an unusual financial relationship between the newswire service, Associated Press, and the federal government – and evidence that that relationship may have influenced the AP’s reporting on the Obama administration. NIM first uncovered the financial relationship after a May 11, AP report that promoted the idea that President Obama’s re-election […]

America Taking Back the Media

Our nation is headed toward becoming a banana republic and the media is so corrupt it refuses to say a word. We are going to turn this thing around: instead of the media pursuing us, we are going to pursue them! Please read the boldest idea for dealing with the liberal media so far!

AP uses political stunt to promote Barack Obama’s re-election

The AP changes its name to All Propaganda – Ready to call 2012 election early – On May 11, the Associated Press lost the last shred of credibility they had left by running the worst propaganda campaign of the year. They released and reported a national poll they conducted with GfK Roper Public Affairs. The […]

Interview with Wisconsin State Assemblyman Jim Ott: Battle on the Unions

Scott Wheeler Interview with Wisconsin State Assemblyman Jim Ott on the battle with public sector unions. (This interview will air nationwide this Saturday on Special Investigator with Scott Wheeler  Click Here to See Listings) Wheeler: For nearly a month the Madison, the capitol of Wisconsin has been the site of public sector union protests for […]

Andrew Klavan: Multiculturalism Explained

This time Andrew Klavan explains why we have to be tolerant of murderers, jihadis, rapists, thugs… even the French… if we want to make it in the wonderful world of multiculturalism. Okay, maybe not the French.

Andrew Klavan: Stop The Hate!

Andrew Klavan lets loose a double barrel blast of satire that will riddle the body of the media’s dishonesty and leave it lying dead in a puddle of its own hypocrisy until we dissolve its flesh in acid wit and bury its bones in the unhallowed graveyard of bad ideas. Let the fun begin!