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Full credit to Obama on his command, or lack thereof

Friday, June 25th, 2010 By Scott Wheeler and Buckley Carlson Of the many interesting narratives swirling around the Obama/McChrystal saga, the least explored to date— less than 24 hours in—the subtleties in messaging are worth noting. Of these vaguely insinuating, dual messages put forth by Democrats and their not-so-silent brethren in the mainstream media: 1. President […]

Obama Pays Back Political Favor

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 By Scott Wheeler President Obama has now made the United States an official “state sponsor of terrorism” a designation, applied to other countries, would mean no aid or trade with the US. It is unclear how Obama’s actions will affect our ability to trade with ourselves as a nation. On June […]

A Tale of Two Shootings

By Scott Wheeler Obama’s remarks upon hearing that abortionist George Tiller was shot— “I am shocked and outraged” but upon receiving the news that 12 unarmed soldiers were gunned down at Ft. Hood Army Post, Obama said “I would caution against jumping to conclusions” about the motives of the gunman. Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Janet […]

Gorelick Rejected Attempt to Revise ‘Wall’ Memo

One of America’s most prominent federal prosecutors sought changes to the 1995 “wall” memo authored by then-Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, but most of the concerns expressed by U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White over the barriers erected between criminal and counter-intelligence investigations were rejected. Scott Wheeler for Gorelick’s “wall” memo was the subject of […]

Gorelick’s Memo Impeded Probe of Clinton’s China Scandal

A senior U.S. government official has told that the 1995 memo written by former Assistant Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, an issue in the 9/11 commission’s investigation of U.S. intelligence failures, also created “a roadblock” to the probe of the 1996 Clinton re-election campaign’s fund-raising scandal. Scott Wheeler for The memo’s relevance in the […]

Clinton gave China ‘false certification’ on nukes

Analyst threatened with firing for assessment opposing tech transfers Scott L. Wheeler © 2003 News World Communications Inc. Senior defense-intelligence analysts tell Insight that the Clinton administration falsely certified the People’s Republic of China, or PRC, as a nuclear nonproliferator despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Clinton officials went so far, sources say, as threatening to […]

How Beijing gets U.S. defense plants

Insiders and internal documents confirm that People’s Republic of China developed a long-range espionage plan to acquire U.S. rare-earth-magnet technology Scott Wheeler’s Op-Ed in Insight on the News Outraged U.S. technology experts and documents obtained by INSIGHT indicate that the acquisition and subsequent transfer of high-tech rare-earth-magnet equipment and technology to the People’s Republic of […]

US Missile Technology Plant Moved To China

An important U.S. high-tech manufacturer is shutting down its American operations, laying off hundreds of workers and moving sophisticated equipment now being used to make critical parts for smart bombs to the People’s Republic of China [PRC], Insight has learned. by Scott Wheeler, Insight Magazine Indianapolis-based Magnequench Inc. has not yet publically announced the closing […]

Missile technology sent to China

The move to China of a U.S. manufacturer of military parts is causing fears that Beijing is out to corner the market in rare-earth magnets—critical components of smart bombs Scott Wheeler’s Op-Ed in Insight on the News An important U.S. high-tech manufacturer is shutting down its American operations, laying off hundreds of workers and moving […]

China makes spying a company policy

By purchasing high-tech firms in the United States, China gains access to advanced weapons technology which then is duplicated on Chinese production lines Scott Wheeler’s Op-Ed in Insight on the News A U.S. high-tech firm bought in 1995 with Clinton-administration approval by a consortium that included two Chinese companies is proving to be a threat […]

PRC Espionage Leads to ‘Terf’ War

Investigators say China placed students in American universities to gain secret information about an exotic material with valuable industrial and military uses by Scott Wheeler, Insight Magazine — October 29, 2002 The U.S. Navy spent millions of dollars to develop Terfenol-D in the early 1980s, and intelligence experts estimate that the People’s Republic of China […]