‘Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America’ now available on audio book

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Now you can get the book that foretold much of what is happening right now by ordering Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America on compact disc. Read by the author, Scott Wheeler, Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America reveals the lies, and brings forth the evidence of the corruption in the Obama administration and its efforts to diminish the United States of America.
Radio Broadcast legend Barry Farber recently said: “These might be the four most powerful words in a book title.”
Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America reveals:

  • Lies about Obama’s health care bill
  • How Obama provided U. S. tax dollars to the terrorist group Hamas
  • Obama’s attacks on the Tea Parties
  • Obama’s stimulus funding of a radical Marxist group that called for a revolution
  • Plus: Wheeler’s analysis of Obama’s “economic deviancy” and how Republicans could have stopped Obama’s anti-American agenda.


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Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America is the Rosetta Stone of modern political corruption.  You will learn why Republicans struggle against the corrupt Democrat Party, and you will see how the mainstream media has ignored serious evidence of corruption in the Obama administration.  Scott Wheeler exposes how thoroughly corrupt politicians like Clinton and Obama were able to get elected in America.

Promoting Decline is not the typical political book.  It is an informative, investigative compilation that provides FACTS and not just opinion.  It provides details the mainstream media has ignored, such as Obama’s fundraising scandal from the 2008 election, in great detail.

Investigative Reporter Scott Wheeler has uncovered some of the biggest stories of the past 20 years:

  • During the Clinton administration Wheeler broke the story of Clinton’s selling national security secrets to Communist China
  • Wheeler worked deep cover inside a Middle East weapons of mass destruction ring and exposed terrorists attempting to obtain U. S. weapons
  • Wheeler worked undercover inside Hamas during an investigation that led to Hamas’ operatives in the US to be arrested and caused others to go into hiding.

When Wheeler turned his investigative prowess onto the Washington political establishment, the results are staggering… READ ABOUT IT IN PROMOTING DECLINE: OBAMA VS. AMERICA!

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