Exclusive: Breaking News on IRS Scandal

IRS scandalThis Has Not Been Reported Yet — We Wanted You to Know First

With corruption comes an opportunity for real change!

Lois Lerner, the figure at the center of the IRS attack of Tea Parties and Conservatives lives on a $2.5 million estate in a posh neighborhood in Bethesda, Maryland.  That is pretty high living on a government salary.

Lerner, who recently tried to claim her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination (after claiming she had “done nothing wrong”) cohabitates in her luxurious digs with her spouse, Michael R. Miles, who is employed as a — wait for it — Tax Attorney! What a coincidence!

His résumé boasts that Miles “concentrates his practice on the taxation of insurance companies, cross-border transactions and corporate restructurings. He also advises on consolidated return issues, the general taxation of corporations and shareholders, and the taxation of regulated investment companies.”

An IRS Administrator and a spouse who represents corporations on IRS tax policy — in front of that same IRS — is typical of how the ruling class operates in Washington these days.  Let me be clear, I have no problem with acquiring wealth, and living in a large house, BUT NOT WHILE FEEDING AT THE PUBLIC TROUGH!!! This is how the political class lives, they use the power of our political system to enrich themselves…. All at our expense! This is an outrage!

Help Us Get This Scandal Completely Exposed!  America Needs to Know The Whole Story!

Lerner, and the brotherhood of BUREAUCRATS are living well off of our money and abusing us at the same time!  I say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!  It is now time to stop the IRS from dominating our lives and this outrageous scandal provides us an opportunity to make our case publicly while people are paying attention.

We need to begin a public information campaign that includes television, internet and radio advertising.  As an Obama adviser once said, “never let a crisis go to waste” we should not let this scandal go to waste without drastically reducing the power and influence of the IRS or even eliminate it altogether.

This overreaching scandal is just the right opportunity but we will need your help to do it.


Urgent:  Please support and then forward to everyone you know.

Our ad demonstrating Obama’s lies about Benghazi is making an impact.  I am hearing from media people daily who are discussing it…. THANKS TO YOU WE ARE HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!!!

We can accomplish our objective quickly and effectively through our Super PAC which can receive large personal donations as well as corporate donations.

To contribute to the GOP Trust Super PAC click here.

If you prefer to contribute by mail, you can send us a check to GOP Trust 2100 M Street NW, Suite 170-370, Washington, DC 20037.

This IRS scandal — and Lerner’s arrogance and corruption that completely mirrors the rest of the Obama Administration — is a frightening preview of what’s to come in America IF WE DON’T STOP THEM NOW.  Please join us to get this IRS scandal and Lerner completely exposed!

Yours in Liberty,

Scott Wheeler
Executive Director

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