The Latest Outrage from ABC

Wednesday, April 11 on World News Tonight, we saw ABC resort to outright propaganda. Anchor Diane Sawyer lead into a package promoting Obama’s lies about millionaires paying a lower income tax rate than someone who earns less.

“The President appeared in a picture surrounded by secretaries who pay a higher tax rate than their millionaire bosses who were there too by their sides, a direct challenge to Romney, his wealth and his tax rate” this introduced so-called “reporter” David Muir’s story which was created by the Obama campaign and broadcast as “news” over our public airwaves.

Muir not only presented a confusing story about the facts of the tax discrepancy that according to analysts could not possibly be accurate, (hat tip Brent Baker at Newsbusters) mainly because it is intended to cast Obama as “looking after our interests” but he went on to distort an unrelated Mitt Romney quote by showing a clip of Romney saying that 92 percent of those who have lost their jobs under Obama are women. Muir said, “Now the non-partisan group PolitiFact is saying that number right there is ‘mostly false,’ arguing the President can’t be held responsible for the job picture the day he took office.”

Muir managed two lies in one sentence: PolitiFact is about as “non-partisan” as the Obama campaign and the rest of the liberal media and, by the way, the statistic is completely accurate. Furthermore… How is Obama NOT responsible for jobs lost while he is president??

The media are constantly telling us how many jobs “Obama has created” on his watch, but now they tell us he is not responsible for the job losses.

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