Bull Connor Media Turns Fire Hose on Cain

In eleven short years since Bill Clinton was president the “one free grope rule” for Democrats has turned into the liberal media in hot pursuit of second and the third generation rumors of a conservative Republican “looked at me funny and I think sex was on his mind.” Just when you think the left-wing’s cesspool of hypocrisy is finally drained, they start filling it up again. I am referring of course to Politico’s breathless reporting on Herman Cain over what would not have even been worthy of asking Bill Clinton or Barack Obama about.

Remember when Clinton was running for president and during his eight years in office there were repeated allegations of affairs and serious evidence of sexual harassment including “credible” evidence of rape? At that time the media devoted most of their time to attacking anyone who mentioned Clinton’s sorted past.

The mainstream media were demanding at the time that the Special Prosecutor Ken Starr ignore Clinton’s lying under oath about molesting an intern in the Oval Office so the nation could focus on more serious issues.  All the while the liberal agenda driven mainstream media, all with exception of an occasional New York Times report, completely ignored something far more serious: allegations and evidence that Clinton had sold national security secrets to Communist China. Still today, very few have even touched on what would have been the biggest story since WWII.

Given the mainstream media’s obvious agenda of protecting their liberal leaders and destroying anyone who could challenge them, here is my advice to Mr. Cain: run against the mainstream media. Do not let them bully you with scandal-rumor questions. Throw it right back on them with obvious Clinton and Obama scandal questions they refused to cover in the past. For example, when a covert Democrat pretending to be a reporter asks you what transpired with regards to the allegations from Politico, simply ask them for information about their reporting on Juanita Broderick’s allegation that Bill Clinton raped her, – “when you get around to reporting on that, then get back to me.” You can also throw Obama at them by saying, “how much did your newspaper (or network) tell us about Mr. Obama’s relationship with that terrorist Bill Ayers, oh yea, nothing. Well you know I think the American people would like to know more about that serious issue that you all neglected last time around, so after you get some real answers about that issue then come talk to me.”

The media will quickly get the message, the more they try to scandalize you the more you expose the Clinton/Obama scandals they worked so hard to keep under wraps.

In fact, you can take this strategy even further by blaming the media for all of Obama’s failures.  The media is to blame for the mess we are in right now.  After all, he could not have been elected without their help. You can also refer to the mainstream media as “Obama’s team” when addressing them. Call them out by speaking to the media they way you would speak to a Democrat, “your side says this, or your team says that.” Force them to deny what is obvious to everyone- that they have a liberal agenda. Demand that if they want answers from you, then they must go get answers from Obama. While members of the mainstream media are defending themselves it will be harder for them to attack you.

The effects of this strategy will be manifold: it will call the public’s attention to the media’s rabid bias in favor of Obama; it will make Obama irrelevant to this election; and it will further diminish the liberal media’s popularity and trust which is not nearly as high as Obama’s.

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