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ABC World News with Diane Sawyer
September 20, 2011

ABC News Tries to Portray Gov. Rick Perry as a Political Opportunist

In a report last night on the Palestinian Authority requesting recognition by the United Nations, ABC news anchor Diane Sawyer and reporter Jake Tapper attempted to make President Obama appear as a leader in a tough spot “working hard” on behalf of our ally Israel.  They then cast Rick Perry as politician attempting to take advantage of Obama’s untenable position.

The so-called news report of course, ignored the fact that this situation is a direct result of Obama’s encouragement of the PA to demand statehood.  In fact just a year ago this month, he made a speech at the UN saying so. Obama has come against Israel often and now is trying to pretend that he recognizes Israel as our ally, for political expedience of course.

In tossing to reporter Jake Tapper, Sawyer called it a “political minefield for the president” and Tapper, after describing how hard the Obama administration is working to try and prevent the Palestinian Authority from demanding statehood said “President Obama feels the US would have to veto it” and Sawyer answers “so it is a really tough choice and his political opponents have been jumping in all day” to which Tapper sarcastically retorted “Republican front runner Texas Governor Rick Perry just happen to be in New York today, just happened to be meeting with some Orthodox Jews.” Tapper capped off his report with this cynical commentary, “for Perry this is an opportunity to paint the president as having emboldened the Palestinians at the expense of an ally which he hopes will convert into support financially from Jews.”

ABC News Celebrates Gays in the Military with Glowing Report

ABC gleefully celebrated homosexuality in the military with stories about closeted gays who they described as “warriors” for the cause of gays in the military on the first day that gays are allowed openly to serve in the armed forces. The so-called news report featured no balance whatsoever for one of the most controversial decisions that has been made regarding military service.

There were no alternative views presented.  It was treated as discrimination finally being remedied even though there is no Constitutional right to serve in the military which has a job to do and should be out of the reach of liberal social engineers. Also completely ignored was that the data the Obama administration used to overturn “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was falsified by the Obama administration.

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