Baiting Obama Into His Own Trap: A Strategy Republicans Should Not Ignore

On August 15, President Obama announced his latest campaign gimmick which he believes will make him look like Harry Truman running against a “do nothing congress” — with a twist:  It allows Obama to avoid responsibility for his high unemployment numbers.

“I’ll be putting forward…a very specific plan to boost the economy, to create jobs and to control our deficit. And my attitude is get it done… And if they don’t get it done then we’ll be running against a Congress that isn’t doing anything for the American people and the choice will be very stark and very clear,” Obama said to the unappreciative Midwest rogues during his flyover country bus tour just prior to jetting off to “the Vineyard” where a man of his effete charm can be more appreciated.

The twist is a trap for Republicans.  If they refuse to allow him his latest stimulus bill then he thinks he can blame Republicans for his bad economy. Obama might as well have said “if they don’t vote for my jobs bill then I am not responsible for the unemployment rate, they are.” Of course, should his “jobs” bill pass the House of Representatives, it will, just like his other stimulus bills, provide financing for his reelection by putting money into the pockets of his supporters, banana republic style. It is not a particularly clever strategy, but it is one that the Democrat militia in the so-called “mainstream media” can work with. Savvy political observers will see right through this scheme, but by the time the media is done explaining it to 100 million voters it will sound more like Republicans attempting to sabotage Obama, by not letting him have his plan that would “rescue” average Americans and put them back to work. They will sell Obama’s plan as a cure for unemployment if only those wicked Republicans, who really just want to see Obama fail, would go along with it.

Obama’s plan seems also designed to get him out of another commitment he made nearly three years ago, “If I don’t have this done in three years, then there is going to be a one term proposition” Obama said in an interview with NBC in February 2009. The GOP can help him keep his promise by responding to his latest stimulus bill with this offer; “Mr. Obama, with the unemployment rate currently at 9.1 percent, we will pass your jobs bill if you agree to withdraw from the race for president if the unemployment rate hasn’t dropped below 7.5 percent one year from now.” The unemployment rate is over 9% right now but when Obama took office it was at 7.5%. This strategy will not only accentuate the fact that unemployment under Obama has gone up despite his profligate spending, but it will also put Obama into the same trap that he attempted to set for tea party Republicans who have tried to put the brakes on his mad spending spree.

Obama would never accept such an agreement, but this counter offer from House Republicans will allow them to expose Obama as a hypocrite and his claims as bogus. If he has a plan that would, as he puts it, “create jobs” and help “the American people” why won’t he stake his reelection on the effectiveness of it? The tea party Republicans can ride this all the way to the election pointing out that he doesn’t believe in the efficacy of his own plans and all he has to offer people suffering in his economy is political tricks to help himself get reelected. It also shows that no matter how great his plan is and however many people he says it will help, it is not worth risking his reelection to see it implemented.  In other words, keeping his job as president is more important to him than helping the middle class, the very middle class he claims he is running for reelection to help.

Once Obama’s cloak of compassion is unraveled, independent voters will see him the way the rest of us always have, a power-seeking narcissist enabled by the liberal media.

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