America Taking Back the Media

Taking Back the Media

Our nation is headed toward becoming a banana republic and the media is so corrupt it refuses to say a word. We are going to turn this thing around: instead of the media pursuing us, we are going to pursue them! Please read the boldest idea for dealing with the liberal media so far!

We are taking our “Shock and Awe” campaign to the media and will force them to respond! The so-called “mainstream media” is Obama and the Democrat’s greatest weapon against US!

Remember how the media and Democrats tried to blame patriotic Americans for the Tucson shooting?  Cast the Tea Party movement as racist?  Relentlessly attack Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and other conservative voices?

In fact, the ONLY reason Obama was able to win the 2008 election was because the media acted as his personal public relations team attacking anyone who mentioned his radical Pastor Jeremiah Wright or his extremist past. The liberal elite in this country would be all but extinct in elective office except their allies dominate the media!

We are going feature examples of media bias on this website and then list every sponsor of that news broadcast.

Visitors to the site will then be able to click a link next to each sponsor and register a complaint.  We will bundle all complaints and send them directly to the advertiser. We will not disclose your email address only your name and hometown with your complaint. We will then update and post any action taken by the sponsor and forward any response we receive to you.

Imagine having the ability to respond when one of the networks runs a “news” story about “global warming.”  We will now have the ability to tell their advertisers that we don’t buy it and now we won’t buy your product unless you immediately stop purchasing ad space on this show!

Once we impact the supply line of cash from their advertisers they will stop! We must get this initiative underway RIGHT NOW before the media hands Obama another election.

We will buy TV, Radio and Internet ads nationwide to drive people to our website.  The more people we reach the greater the impact we will have on their advertisers.

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We must fight back and Defund the liberal media

We know how weak the Republican establishment is in the face of the mainstream media.  Once we start beating back the media assault even Republicans will act bolder. Our efforts will educate and energize American loving conservatives as we expose the political class that the media fights so hard to protect.


In short, the NIM website will be the one and only destination for Americans to register their complaints about the liberal media bias by providing a direct line of communication to the advertisers.  Once the show sponsors hear that we will stop buying their products if they do not stop sponsoring the anti-American news media, they will be forced to act.

Visitors to the site will be able to track the results daily of our shock and awe campaign to rectify the tragedy of media bias. THEY WILL RESPOND AND WHEN THEY DO THE CORPORATE OWNERSHIP OF THE MEDIA WILL LISTEN!

Sponsors buy ads on the news for ONE REASON ONLY- to get you to buy their products! Once we expose them, and Americans are able to be heard through our NIM website they will pull their advertising out of fear of losing you as a customer.

We can wage this war and win it but we are going to need your help.

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Together we can defeat the biggest enemy to the Conservative Cause

For far too long the liberal media has been attacking Americans, attacking Conservatives, attacking Tea Partiers through deception, obfuscation and outright lies!   It is time to fight back and hit the media where it counts- their bottom line!

We all know that the reason Barack Obama is president is because the liberal media anointed him early and fought to build and protect his image.  Now they do it to his radical, big government policies.

The media thinks that they are accountable to no one BUT WE ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE THAT! With your help we will make the media accountable to us!


Please consider joining this fight with a generous contribution.  National Investigative Media is a nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to advancing the conservative cause and to exposing media bias.  There is no maximum to the amount an individual our corporation can contribute and all donations are kept confidential.

Thank you for all you do for the conservative cause.
Please join with me – GO HERE NOW.

Scott Wheeler


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