AP uses political stunt to promote Barack Obama’s re-election

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The AP changes its name to All Propaganda
– Ready to call 2012 election early –

On May 11, the Associated Press lost the last shred of credibility they had left by running the worst propaganda campaign of the year. They released and reported a national poll they conducted with GfK Roper Public Affairs. The AP used this political stunt to all but declare Barack Obama’s re-election as a mere formality.

It was no surprise to see other so-called news sources like ABC News, Time, The Washington Post and Yahoo News among others eagerly spouting the favorable poll numbers from this fake poll without question.

GfK proudly states that the poll sample of 1,001 adults used to conduct this survey consisted of 46% Democrats and only 29% Republicans.

This absurd “random” sample would immediately disqualify the results for any reputable polling firm and from any responsible news agency. Obviously accuracy was never the objective here.

Instead of attempting to get a real snap shot of public opinion, GfK quickly published these results and the ravenous media gobbled up these blatant falsehoods. Now they will unabashedly use them to prop up their “chosen one” in the White House until the next piece of propaganda is fabricated.

The AP/GfK Presidential Approval results are a whopping 11 points higher than the average of other polls taken during that exact same timeframe. (Source: RealClearPolitics)

60% AP/GfK (5/5 – 5/9)
51% Gallup (5/9 – 5/11)
47% Rasmussen (5/9 – 5/11)
50% Pew (5/5 – 5/8)
49% Reuters/Ipsos (5/5 – 5/9)

One would think this huge swing would alert someone that something in the process isn’t quite right but that wasn’t the case. The media is full of hacks and the AP is leading the way to push their political agenda.

GfK was recently awarded a big government contract. Perhaps in the future, if a polling firm wants a lucrative government contract, it needs  to make sure its polls show the administration in a favorable light.


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