Monthly Archives: February, 2011

The True Clinton Legacy

The liberal media is busy crowning Bill Clinton “President of the World.” But he spent 8 years selling our secrets to Communist China, undermining our security. This is his true legacy.

One Nation Under Islam

The Obama administration’s handling of Egypt reveals a level of incompetence that renders the U.S. – and the entire world – a more dangerous place. In the early days of the protests in Egypt, the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood stayed on the sidelines. This was out of fear that Mubarak would come for them, and […]

Andrew Klavan: Stop The Hate!

Andrew Klavan lets loose a double barrel blast of satire that will riddle the body of the media’s dishonesty and leave it lying dead in a puddle of its own hypocrisy until we dissolve its flesh in acid wit and bury its bones in the unhallowed graveyard of bad ideas. Let the fun begin!

Obama Allies Organizing Terrorists

Thursday, February 3, 2010 By Scott Wheeler What does the US Department of Justice have in common with the radical Muslim Brotherhood? It turns out a close associate of our Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez will soon be advising this fundamentalist group on how to takeover and run Egypt, further destabilizing this critical arena. The […]