Monthly Archives: January, 2011

Hu sizes up the White House

Scott Wheeler’s Op-Ed in The Daily Caller There is jubilation throughout Beijing and Shanghai tonight as a triumphal President Hu returns to China after backhanding the President of the United States in too many ways to count. Actually, Hu didn’t even wait until he got back to China to start celebrating — he began his […]

Shameless Left Mines Rhetorical Gold

Scott Wheeler’s Op-Ed in The Daily Caller The shocking mass murder visited upon Tucson a week ago Saturday by a lunatic loner provided the nasty Left with another opportunity to show that they haven’t a shred of decency. The Associated Press led the yellow hoard with minute-by-minute accusations before the victims of this horrific tragedy […]

The Great Andrew Klavan Sounds Off

PJTV‘s Klavan delivers a complete history of western culture in two and a half minutes.

Scott Wheeler Speaks About Terrorism at Steamboat Institute

By Mike Lawrence |  Reprinted from Steamboat Today A nationally known conservative author, TV producer and correspondent will speak about terrorism and the nation’s political climate tonight in Steamboat Springs. The Steamboat Institute and the 1773 Club are hosting Scott Wheeler, a military veteran and journalist who now is executive director of The National Repub­lican Trust Political […]