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Game Changer: 25 Minutes That Will Change America

Click here to watch a pre-released clip Election Day is less than two months away! If we are to retake our country from the left and reset our nation on a course of freedom, prosperity and constitutional government, we must not only act now but WE MUST ACT BIG. We need a game changer that will […]

Message to Republicans: Stop Acting Like the Establishment (A Speaker Like Us)

Thursday, September 16, 2010 By Scott Wheeler The American people see Republicans as not the preferable choice of an engaged electorate but the default choice of a desperate nation – the last hope of stopping the devastating attacks on our freedoms and economy from the current power structure, led by Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Unfortunately […]

Hijacking the First Amendment and Flying it into the Jefferson Memorial

We have heard more angry attacks on Americans from the so-called peaceful Muslim world for the mere mention that a Koran might be burned than we have ever heard from them in condemning their fellow Muslims for perpetrating terrorist attacks on behalf of their religion.

Just this week, in a 1,000 word op-ed in The New York Times, Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Imam leading the effort to build the Ground Zero Mosque, dismissed the concerns of 70% of America, labeling us “radicals,” thus giving us the same identifier that Obama gives to terrorists; gave short, arrogant shrift to the victims’ families; and he refused to denounce his own vitriolic statements regarding the U.S. in the aftermath of 9/11. Remember, he claimed America’s policies were an “accomplice” to the slaughter of 9/11…and “the U.S. must acknowledge the harm they have to done to Muslims before the terror can stop.” Quite a “peaceful” diplomat, this guy, this “universally well-regarded” “man of faith.” But Rauf did something else in his Times op/ed; he threatened Americans with violence if his Ground Zero Mosque location was moved away from the site of the devastating attacks:

“These efforts by radicals at distortion, endanger our national security and the personal security of Americans worldwide… Americans must not back away from completion of this project. If we do, we cede the discourse and, essentially, our future to radicals on both sides.”

There were no Korans burned or mosques opposed before the Islamic terrorists burned nearly three thousand Americans. And yet, we are not supposed to burn the book they say inspired them to do it…or there will be more violence, Obama and Hillary Clinton tell us. Let’s get this straight: not burning the Koran lead to the burning of nearly three thousand Americans. And now, burning the Koran – we are told – will lead to more Americans dying?