The Corrupt Party and the Stupid Party

Thursday, April 29, 2010
By Scott Wheeler

As seen in The Daily Caller
The Daily Caller

Guess who the stupid party is? For many years I have heard this headline phrase in different incarnations and it has never been truer than it is today. The Democrats are laying down a pair of deuces and telling the Republicans that it is a royal flush. What is so silly is that Republicans fold with a full house after the Democrats play the deuces. John Stuart Mill may have had something. Watching the farcical debate over Obama’s so called financial reform bill one could be easily misled into believing that Republicans have taken lots of money from corrupt Wall Street bankers and are allowing them to write the reform bill to favor Wall Street. Democrats said as much to Politico on Wednesday.

“‘Bipartisanship for Republican leaders means bringing Wall Street to the table, bring Wall Street banks into the room, and let them help you write the legislation,’ said Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio).”

This lunacy is akin to Eliot Spitzer blackmailing a prostitute, or Nancy Pelosi calling someone else a dangerous moron.

What is so stupefying is that this is precisely what the Democrats have done. What is even more stupid is that Republicans are too pathetic to rally around this neon glaring fact. For over a week I have been advising Republicans to demand a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate the amazing Wall Street connection to Obama and the other Democrats who have been pretending to go after “big business.”

What is at stake is nothing less than America’s free enterprise system, which has been constantly under assault from megalomaniac Democrats, jealous of the independence that this beautiful system provides. The difference now is that they finally have the power for and unprecedented takeover of business And they finally have a president fomenting the crisis and willing to support this draconian legislation. I hear the words “crony capitalism” frequently bandied about but a more appropriate phrase would be crony fascism. This sounds harsh I know, but it happens to possess the added value of being true.

If this is not clear to Republicans what is going on here, let’s tighten it down as much as possible; Democrats are blackmailing Republicans for corruption that the Democrats fully own. And Republicans are too stupid to take the issue away from them and beat them with it. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows exactly what the Democrats are doing: they are taking up this populist issue of Wall Street reform by writing a bill that gives them the power to continue to extort large piles of cash from big business and pick and choose the winners based on how much money they give to Democrats.

And if Republicans oppose it, the Democrats simply do what they are doing and accuse the Republicans of being the party of Wall Street, taking the high ground even though it is the Democrats that have guzzled the majority of Wall Street money. All the braindead Republicans needed to do was demand a special prosecutor to investigate the bailouts, the corruption at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, for which the Democrats were directly responsible, and when the Democrats objected make that the issue. It would not only have allowed Republicans to take the high ground away from the Democrats and allow them to lecture the Democrats in front of the nation about the corrupt big business big government tandem, but it would have been the right thing to do for the country. A win for Republicans and a win for America!

The night before Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tricked Republicans into capitulation he took a break from attacking Republicans as the party of big business to go raise money for his reelection campaign—from the very Wall Street firms he had just been attacking. Then he returned to Washington to step up the inanity. Politico reported, “Reid took his criticisms a step further Wednesday, calling Republicans ‘anti-American’ for blocking the Wall Street reform bill” to which Republicans responded by agreeing to allow debate on the bill as though they were the ones with something to hide.

Now I know there are conspiracy theorists out there who will say “oh the Republicans are in on it too, both parties conspire against America and take turns running the country.” Let me assure you that Republicans are too stupid and incompetent to conspire with the Good Humor man to buy an ice cream bar.

This reform bill will give Democrats the power to destroy the free enterprise system that they have already nearly destroyed with Fannie and Freddie along with their leftist friends who are Trojan Horses on Wall Street. What is so perplexing is how Republicans allow them to do it even though stopping them would be the most sane action, and easily done. The GOP must demand a special prosecutor. This is not only brilliant political strategy, it would help save the country. And prove J.S. Mill wrong…

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