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‘Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America’ now available on audio book

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Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America reveals:

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  • Plus: Wheeler’s analysis of Obama’s “economic deviancy” and how Republicans could have stopped Obama’s anti-American agenda.


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Exclusive: Breaking News on IRS Scandal

IRS scandalThis Has Not Been Reported Yet — We Wanted You to Know First

With corruption comes an opportunity for real change!

Lois Lerner, the figure at the center of the IRS attack of Tea Parties and Conservatives lives on a $2.5 million estate in a posh neighborhood in Bethesda, Maryland.  That is pretty high living on a government salary.

Lerner, who recently tried to claim her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination (after claiming she had “done nothing wrong”) cohabitates in her luxurious digs with her spouse, Michael R. Miles, who is employed as a — wait for it — Tax Attorney! What a coincidence! Read more »

Battered Republican Syndrome

Scott Wheeler’s Column

The Republican Party’s reaction to the 2012 election is once again missing the point. The Republicans do not have a “message problem” as their latest analysis would suggest; they have a tactics problem.  And despite the Democrats’ insistence that Obama’s reelection represented a blanket endorsement of their agenda by American voters, their message remains highly unpopular. Why else would they be so vague and esoteric about what they believe? The Democrats adopt euphemisms like “fairness” and “a fair shot” because if they were frank about their true intentions, they would struggle for votes.

So why should Republicans seek ideological androgyny with such a party? They shouldn’t, but they should adopt Democrat Party tactics.

In addition to the vagueness about their governing philosophy, Democrats rely on branding Republicans as holding undesirable beliefs and prejudices. Read more »

The Latest Outrage from ABC

Wednesday, April 11 on World News Tonight, we saw ABC resort to outright propaganda. Anchor Diane Sawyer lead into a package promoting Obama’s lies about millionaires paying a lower income tax rate than someone who earns less.

“The President appeared in a picture surrounded by secretaries who pay a higher tax rate than their millionaire bosses who were there too by their sides, a direct challenge to Romney, his wealth and his tax rate” this introduced so-called “reporter” David Muir’s story which was created by the Obama campaign and broadcast as “news” over our public airwaves.

Muir not only presented a confusing story about the facts of the tax discrepancy that according to analysts could not possibly be accurate, (hat tip Brent Baker at Newsbusters) mainly because it is intended to cast Obama as “looking after our interests” but he went on to distort an unrelated Mitt Romney quote by showing a clip of Romney saying that 92 percent of those who have lost their jobs under Obama are women. Muir said, “Now the non-partisan group PolitiFact is saying that number right there is ‘mostly false,’ arguing the President can’t be held responsible for the job picture the day he took office.”

Muir managed two lies in one sentence: PolitiFact is about as “non-partisan” as the Obama campaign and the rest of the liberal media and, by the way, the statistic is completely accurate. Furthermore… How is Obama NOT responsible for jobs lost while he is president??

The media are constantly telling us how many jobs “Obama has created” on his watch, but now they tell us he is not responsible for the job losses.

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Media Accountability Project

Media Accountability Project

Our nation is in great peril and those who threaten our freedom- liberals progressives and leftists-are being enabled by the so-called “mainstream media.”  Indeed the media not only enables the left, they are part of the left-wing extremists that have been destroying the republic for years. Despite the left –wing dominance of the media these same leftists have sought to shut-down all voices of opposition including Fox News and Talk Radio, by attacking advertisers that support them.

It is now time to respond- and we will do it effectively because we not only have the truth, but we also have the numbers.  Conservatives make up more than 40% of our country and liberals less than 20% yet they force their beliefs upon us.  We know that Barack Obama could not have been elected in 2008 without the media’s help.  Not only did the media attack and distort Conservatism on his behalf, they also refused to report to the nation virtually anything about Obama and his history of hard-core leftism, his anti-American positions, or his lack of accomplishment.  This is the bias of omission, the media refuse to inform Americans of the critical information about the Democrat-leftist agenda.  We conservatives know these things but about 40% of the nation doesn’t.  It is that 40% that gets most of its news from the liberal media.

Our response is the Media Accountability Project, the boldest idea yet for dealing with the liberal media.  This website will expose the worst cases of media bias and provide a direct line of communications to the advertisers of the offending show.  Now hundreds-of-thousands of conservatives can immediately object to liberal activism in the media whether it is unfair reporting or censoring damaging information about Obama or other progressive Democrats.

Unlike the left-wing mob, we will approach advertisers in a responsible way and show them that a large number of people object to the liberal programming that they are sponsoring.  But we need large numbers of participants- that is where you can help!

READ BELOW and check back often to see the latest examples of media bias and to SEND YOUR LETTERS to bias enabling advertisers today!  We will collect them and send them to the advertiser with a request that they stop providing advertising dollars to the media that is destroying our nation.  We will provide you updates on the progress and responses from the advertisers.

We also plan to run ads on the internet alerting others to the media bias and directing them to this site to register their complaints, to help us get these ads up and help us take back our country please GO HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT.




On Monday April 2, NBC News erroneously reported the Obama/Democrat Party line by framing the story as though Democrats are right and Republicans have a war against women.

 Here is a sample of this overwhelmingly biased so-called “reporting.”

ANDREA MITCHELL: “It started in the Republican campaign and quickly flared into a national debate over contraception and women’s rights. Now it’s produced a huge gender advantage for President Obama, leading likely opponent Mitt Romney by 18 points among women in a new USA Today/Gallup poll of battleground states. Across party lines, American women are fired up, including Hillary Clinton who’s used to be the sole woman in a man’s world.”

 HILLARY CLINTON: “I think we need to call people out when they go over the line. They’re entitled to their opinion, but no one is entitled to engage in that kind of, you know, verbal assault.”

 ANDREA MITCHELL, TO CLINTON: “Did Rush Limbaugh go too far this time?”

 HILLARY CLINTON: “I thought the response was very encouraging.  The response from the public, the response in particular from women cutting across all kinds of categories.”

 There was no other side presented- it was cut and dried for NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, who is supposed to be a balanced journalist, Republicans are against women’s rights and Democrats are for them.  Mitchell used Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a left-wing Democrat and wife of the most corrupt president in history, to invent outrage over something that conservatives have not even said or done.  Using a poll to imply that “here is what a majority of women think about Republicans and you should agree with the pack.”

This type of journalism is dangerous and must be stopped!  Please GO HERE NOW to send your letter to the advertisers of this show letting them know you object to the liberal programming that they are sponsoring.



Liberal Republicans Face Tough Primary Opposition

In 2009, the political character of the nation began to change. Barack Obama made the electorate more polarized than it ever had been as he became the face of the Washington political establishment and for many, the apparent enemy of traditional American values. It was also the point at which conservatives began to abandon Republicans who preferred status in the political establishment over the values of the people who have financially supported them and whose votes helped them win elections. Read more »

Associated or Apparatchik Press

The Associated Press is rigging polls again and is not disclosing the startling fact that its polling firm, GFK, has been granted federal government contracts since Obama has been in office. The news may not surprise the many skeptics of the liberal media because they have come to expect this sort of bias from mainstream press outlets, but this goes beyond bias as usual and well into the area of inventing favorable news for Obama to help create the impression that his reelection is inevitable, which translates into actively participating in his reelection strategy. Read more »

Obama’s Assault on Logic

A new poll and Obama’s recent statements leave a huge opening for Republicans to expand a debate that is long overdue, and place President Obama’s governing philosophy under scrutiny and expose its illogical conclusions. The Gallup poll, released Monday, reported that 64 percent of respondents considered big government the biggest threat to the nation, with only 26 percent that viewed big business as a bigger threat. In addition, 8 percent considered big labor the top threat to the nation. So it could be said, since Obama has been a stalwart ally of big labor, that 72 percent of the nation opposes Obama’s governing philosophy. Read more »

Who is afraid of a Do-Nothing Congress?

Is President Obama painting himself into a corner by expecting a bad economy when voters go to the polls next November? His campaign team has announced, in the New York Times, that next year their campaign strategy is to go negative.

Obama’s strategists have warned that they intend to say that, whoever the Republican nominee is, it was their party that led to the economic problems we now face.

That raises an important question: If the economy were doing well right now would the President be giving Republicans the credit? Read more »

Bull Connor Media Turns Fire Hose on Cain

In eleven short years since Bill Clinton was president the “one free grope rule” for Democrats has turned into the liberal media in hot pursuit of second and the third generation rumors of a conservative Republican “looked at me funny and I think sex was on his mind.” Just when you think the left-wing’s cesspool of hypocrisy is finally drained, they start filling it up again. I am referring of course to Politico’s breathless reporting on Herman Cain over what would not have even been worthy of asking Bill Clinton or Barack Obama about.

Remember when Clinton was running for president and during his eight years in office there were repeated allegations of affairs and serious evidence of sexual harassment including “credible” evidence of rape? At that time the media devoted most of their time to attacking anyone who mentioned Clinton’s sorted past. Read more »

Nightly News Bias Report

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer
September 20, 2011

ABC News Tries to Portray Gov. Rick Perry as a Political Opportunist

In a report last night on the Palestinian Authority requesting recognition by the United Nations, ABC news anchor Diane Sawyer and reporter Jake Tapper attempted to make President Obama appear as a leader in a tough spot “working hard” on behalf of our ally Israel.  They then cast Rick Perry as politician attempting to take advantage of Obama’s untenable position.

The so-called news report of course, ignored the fact that this situation is a direct result of Obama’s encouragement of the PA to demand statehood.  In fact just a year ago this month, he made a speech at the UN saying so. Obama has come against Israel often and now is trying to pretend that he recognizes Israel as our ally, for political expedience of course.

In tossing to reporter Jake Tapper, Sawyer called it a “political minefield for the president” and Tapper, after describing how hard the Obama administration is working to try and prevent the Palestinian Authority from demanding statehood said “President Obama feels the US would have to veto it” and Sawyer answers “so it is a really tough choice and his political opponents have been jumping in all day” to which Tapper sarcastically retorted “Republican front runner Texas Governor Rick Perry just happen to be in New York today, just happened to be meeting with some Orthodox Jews.” Tapper capped off his report with this cynical commentary, “for Perry this is an opportunity to paint the president as having emboldened the Palestinians at the expense of an ally which he hopes will convert into support financially from Jews.”

ABC News Celebrates Gays in the Military with Glowing Report

ABC gleefully celebrated homosexuality in the military with stories about closeted gays who they described as “warriors” for the cause of gays in the military on the first day that gays are allowed openly to serve in the armed forces. The so-called news report featured no balance whatsoever for one of the most controversial decisions that has been made regarding military service.

There were no alternative views presented.  It was treated as discrimination finally being remedied even though there is no Constitutional right to serve in the military which has a job to do and should be out of the reach of liberal social engineers. Also completely ignored was that the data the Obama administration used to overturn “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was falsified by the Obama administration.

This Newscast on ABC was sponsored by:

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Baiting Obama Into His Own Trap: A Strategy Republicans Should Not Ignore

On August 15, President Obama announced his latest campaign gimmick which he believes will make him look like Harry Truman running against a “do nothing congress” — with a twist:  It allows Obama to avoid responsibility for his high unemployment numbers.

“I’ll be putting forward…a very specific plan to boost the economy, to create jobs and to control our deficit. And my attitude is get it done… And if they don’t get it done then we’ll be running against a Congress that isn’t doing anything for the American people and the choice will be very stark and very clear,” Obama said to the unappreciative Midwest rogues during his flyover country bus tour just prior to jetting off to “the Vineyard” where a man of his effete charm can be more appreciated. Read more »